Looking to hire the best Dubuque movers available? You have come to the right place. Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. has an experienced team, top of the line equipment, and 30 years of happy clients behind us. Contact us today to learn about our moving services and how we can provide a team of Dubuque movers that will satisfy your specific needs for the coming move.


A big move can interrupt your life if you let it, and some people even spend weeks before the big moving day packing and planning for their Dubuque move. Others hire Dubuque movers to come in and do all the packing, lifting, driving, and unpacking on the other end. Whether you want a hands-on move or would prefer to have as little to do as possible, Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. can plan a move with you that will make you happy.

Moving Companies

Not all Dubuque moving companies are the same. You are researching for the moving company that will take your concerns into account, treat your belongings as you would treat them, and charge a reasonable rate for a big move. Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. is just that kind of company. We would not still be around after 30 years if we did not treat our customers the way they deserve to be treated.

Each and every move we do is planned with the insight of our clients, ensuring that they are happy when the move is complete. We provide a range of different services to accommodate the needs of the variety of clients we work with. Not all Dubuque moving companies can say that they know how to tailor a move to their client’s needs and preferences. To learn more about our services and how Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. can make your move go smoothly, give us a call today.


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