Moving and Storage

Whether you need a temporary or a long-term solution to storing your personal belongings, Hawkeye Moving Services has what you need. We can offer convenient storage alongside our exceptional service and care for your valuables.

Spring Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes it just feels like there is too much clutter in your home. You know that you need to clear up some space in order for you to live more comfortably, but there are certain things that you do not have the heart to part with. Solve that dilemma by utilizing our storage facilities. Perhaps you plan on showcasing your home, but are worried that a congested living space may turn away potential purchasers. Instead of choosing what to part with and what to keep, utilize our storage space.

Often times when moving to a new home, one may purchase new furniture or appliances. However, in the event that an issue arises and the items cannot be delivered to your new home, contact us for a temporary storage space until you are ready to bring them home.

There are also instances where moving to a new, yet smaller, home may limit the items that you can fit. Instead of having to part with some keepsakes and possessions, entrust them to us.

Regardless of the reasons why you would need to use our storage facilities, rest assured that you would be able to have access to your items as you see fit. There is also the option to utilize our climate-controlled units for sensitive items.

Hawkeye Moving Services offers you the convenience and flexibility that you desire. Whether you plan on short-term holdings or long-term storage, storing a few boxes of knick-knacks or a few bedrooms’ worth of furniture, we are here to provide quality and convenient service for all of your storage needs.




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