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People in Des Moines use storage spaces for a wide variety of reasons, and one of the top reasons is to make their move easier and less stressful. At Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc., we have learned that our moving clients really appreciate being able to use our top-notch Des Moines storage facilities. The fact that their moving company and storage unit are connected makes things that much easier. If you are moving, or even if you need a storage space for another reason, we are happy to provide our excellent Des Moines storage facilities.


Convenient, Clean, and Competitively Priced Des Moines Storage

What does everyone want from storage space? They want it to be clean, dry, and well cared for. The last thing you want to do when you walk into your storage unit is to find that it smells like mold. We keep our Des Moines storage spaces clean and dry so that you can safely leave your belongings with us until you are ready to move them elsewhere. We also have excellent security systems in place so that you never have to worry about a break in and theft.

Our Des Moines storage facilities are located in conveniently central locations. We also offer warehousing for our commercial clients. If you are moving your business, you can store inventory and even sensitive documents with us.

We have been moving Des Moines for 30 years, and we know just what it takes to make a move as convenient and easy as possible. For great moving services, including high quality Des Moines warehouses, get in touch with Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. Call us today to learn more about our storage options.




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