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Hiring the right Des Moines office movers can mean the difference between a neat, quickly executed office move and a total disaster. Moving an office in tales handling a lot of delicate and important equipment, like computers, monitors, and printers. Not only do you need everything to arrive at your new location in good shape, you also need it to arrive on schedule, so your business is not delayed any longer than it needs to be for the move.


At Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc., we know the difference between good Des Moines office movers and the other guys. For 30 years we have handled office moves in Des Moines, across the state, and even internationally. When we sit down with our clients to make a moving plan for their office, we do it with the experience and lessons learned that have made us the best Des Moines office movers.

Office Moving Companies

Of the various Des Moines office moving companies out there, only Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. has a Total Customer Satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to do all we can to provide you with excellent office moving services. With a long track record of doing just that, our customer service ratings are where we want them to be. Unlike other Des Moines office moving companies, we do not treat every move the same. We tailor your office move to meet your needs.

If you have concerns or special equipment that needs special handling, we will address your concerns and talk to you about how everything will be carefully packed, shipped, and delivered to your new location. Because it is important to us that we are regarded as one of the top Des Moines office moving companies, we will do everything we can to ensure your move goes smoothly.




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