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International moves can be difficult and stressful. It is easy to be concerned about your belongings as they travel long distances by various modes of transport. But with experienced Iowa City international movers, your worries can be reduced significantly. At Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc., we know our clients are thinking about whether or not their items have been securely packed and shipped. With our bar-code inventory controlled software you can view inventory online up to the minute. We take every precaution to provide Iowa City with international movers that do the job right.


In addition, our Iowa City international movers provide services to ensure that your container gets through customs without difficulties. We work with you to plan an individually tailored move just for you. You can be involved as much or as little as you want to, and on the other end you will receive everything you shipped just as expected and on the agreed upon time frame.

International Moving Companies

As one of the most trusted Iowa City international moving companies, Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. has a 30-year history of successful moves to and from Iowa City. Our international team consists of experienced and dedicated moving professionals. If you have a concern or problem, it is likely one that we have seen before and know how to handle it successfully.

Professional packing is a very important part of every international move. Damage in transit is almost always caused by poor packing. If you are worried about packing your belongings, let experienced movers from an Iowa City international moving company help you to do the job right. We are happy to help, whether by giving you advice about how to prepare for an international move or by being there to do a hands-on job.

Do not take on an international move without Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc., one of Iowa City’s top international moving companies.




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