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When you hire our Iowa City office movers, you are entrusting a great deal to the company you choose. At Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc., we know just how important it is for the Iowa City office movers to carefully handle everything that makes your business run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. We know how to make an office move happen quickly and efficiently so that you are back to work as soon as possible.


Downtime can be minimized if our Iowa City office movers work with our clients to create a unique moving plan, tailored to the needs of your business. We can ensure that computers are given priority, as well as the desks that house them and the chairs your employees will be sitting in, so that everyone can be back to work in a timely manner. We also know how delicate it can be to move files, records, and client information.

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How do we ensure that our clients feel satisfied and grateful as we complete their office move? After 30 years of being one of the top Iowa City office moving companies, we have learned a lot about moving businesses. We know that you may need other services, such as storage, in order to make the move go smoothly. And when our clients express particular concerns, we address them with professionalism and innovative solutions.

Some people think that all Iowa City office moving companies are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Office moves require unique skills, experience, and equipment, and you cannot trust just any Iowa City moving company to do the job right. Give Hawkeye Moving Services, Inc. a call today to find out more about our office moving services and how we can help you to start things off right in your new location.


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